Start losing weight - easy way to lose weight with goji

How I lost weight with GOJI Berries?

My 80kg. ( I’m 170cm) have been a source of problems between my boyfriend and me. I won’t repeat his words. I just decided to change myself and my life for the better. I was helped by goji berries - yes, yes, precisely these berries. I was very sceptical about them at first, but nevertheless I decided to try this traditional medicine by myself.

I work 24h shifts. That’s why I’ve chosen for myself goji berries:

  • I infuse the daily quantity of berries (it is written on the bag) in 2 cups of hot but not boiling water. I let the infusion sit in a warm place for an hour and then drink it half a cup twice daily. The berries that remain after the preparation of this nutrient infusion can be used as a nutritious and healthy treats.
  • I infuse a tablespoon of dried fruits in 2 cups of water. I drink the infusion as follows1 cup on an empty stomach, as well as 1 cup before dinner.

People living in the countries where goji berries grow use them in any meal or make wine from them.

I decided to add the berries to oatmeal, salads and breakfast cereals. They don’t have any specific taste but provide the desired slimming effect. My boyfriend really appreciated my slenderness, I will continue to use goji berries in my diet.


A lot of conflicting information about goji berries can be found on the Internet. Nevertheless I felt confident that these berries would help me get rid of the extra kilos without liposuction. To achieve this I observed a very strict diet. Goji berries are fairly rich in energy and vitamins, therefore it’s recommended to be very careful while eating them, without overdosing. In my diet plan, I only took one tablespoon of dried goji berries and shed 10kg. my waist was the same as in the tenth grade.

I simply poured boiling water on Goji berries, let rest for a few minutes, then took them before eating. Sometimes I add berries in tea, especially in the evening. During busy times at work, I just ate dried fruit and drunk mineral water. My mother often made me a salad with goji berries, added them to my favorite salads and infusions. I was delighted with these dishes. They filled my life with energy and drive.

Although I had doubts as for the benefits of goji berries, I came to the following conclusion:

  • Chinese scientists keep saying that regular consumption of goji berries contribute to the development of growth hormone, this hormone is necessary for the body to naturally burn fat
  • Goji is the only berry that is allowed in Dukan diet. They contain minimum carbohydrates, and because of this, goji berries are relatively low on calories
  • The berries are natural antioxidant, they prevent the occurrence of free radicals in the body. Regular consumption of berries will reduce the stress on the body in the process of weight loss
  • Goji berries contain unsaturated fatty acids that naturally speed up and normalize metabolism. This is especially important for people who are prone to quick muscle gain
  • Goji berries have anti-cellulite properties - you can not only lose weight, but also make your legs beautiful and attractive to men.

Tangible SLIMMING effect

First I didn’t trust the advertising of goji berries, I though it was another PR project initiated by nutritionists. But after the first few days of intensive use, I felt a nice burning sensation in the back and buttocks - precisely those areas where I’ve always had problems. My boyfriend immediately noticed that my figure has become nicer, I was very much pleased and encouraged. But I didn’t tell him my secret of goji berries.

I drank goji tea mostly in the morning. I liked the flavor of the drink and also medicinal properties that help to lose weight. Once I added goji berries to the soup. It came up amazingly well, the whole family enjoyed it. Everyone asked me where I took these unusual berries from. In response, I just smiled and said nothing. Inside of me I was saying thank you to the company that sold me these awesome goji berries.

At first I didn’t really believe in goji berries effect, but was drinking goji beverage every morning. After one, two, three weeks I lost about 10kg. It was obvious that the fat was from the sides has disappeared

Now I add goji berries to drinks, porridge and fruit salad. Each meal with these wholesome berries visibly reduces my body weight. I virtually feel like the pounds would melt inside of me.

In China, this plant is considered to be curative, it is therefore recommended to regularly use goji berries with food to achieve the healing effect and significantly reduce body weight.

Goji berries are a bit like barberry, but belong to the family Solanaceae.

Support what you like, and prevent what you don’t like, because you have no other choice. - Chinese proverb


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